For over 40 Years, Hestia House has been a secure-safe setting for abused women and their children.

Hestia House provides shelter and support for up to 24 women and their children.  We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with full-time and part-time staff available to help you.

We have a 24-hour distress line that you can call for support or to discuss your safety options.

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One of the most positive aspects of transition house life is the support that the residents give to one another.  There is a tremendous sense of solidarity and empowerment when they realize they are not alone.

Counselling is an important part of the transition house experience.  Hestia House staff counselling primarily helps women understand the nature of their abusive relationship and to clearly see their own situation so they can make informed decision.  Our staff is here to provide guidance to available community services, support groups and help for medical, legal employment and housing needs.  The strength and tenacity of our clients in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, is truly remarkable.  Once believed, heard and validated; women start to make informed decisions.

Hestia House offers a positive living environment with a culture that encourages self-improvement and help to achieving productive independent lives.

A Light in the Darkness

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